mAsk4campusEquity 2017

Campus Equity Week October 26-30, 2015

Campus Equity Week

Do you find yourself missing national Campus Equity Week celebrations this year?

Looking ahead to October of 2017, a grassroots group of contingent artist-activists scattered across the U.S. have been working under the auspices of New Faculty Majority for several months to design a theme that captures our need to both conceal and reveal our complex identities as members of the precarious academic workforce: mAsk4campusEquity.

We are exploring three basic customizable options for unified Campus Equity messaging and activities in 2017 that capitalize on the change-making power of art:

  1. Historical re-enactment of creative social justice protests;
  2. Other modes of performance art such as mock funerals, carnival processions, etc;
  3. Exhibits that illustrate the diversity of our workforce and the issues of contingent employment.

Over the next few months, we hope to

  • build a large network of artist-activists and supporters;
  • partner with a number of organizations related to the arts;
  • engage participants with expertise in various art media from music and performance to photography, sculpture, graphic arts and new media, to flesh out plans for local actions that will resonate across the country.

If you want to join our campaign on the ground floor, please contact Anne Wiegard at

Andy Davis
Natalie Barnes
Jessica Lawless
Kat Jacobsen
Rita Lilly
Jennie Shanker
Lydia Snow
Anne Wiegard


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