Say It Again, This Time with Video

Anne Wiegard, NFMF’s chair, passed along this video her union, UUP, produced. Have a look and share.

Here’s an article about this video and the efforts of UUP too.

Anne adds: “The activism around issues of contingency has been steadily growing within many UUP chapters. The Contingent Employment Committee co-chaired by Jaclyn Pittsley and Richard Aberle is one of the largest and most ambitious of the statewide standing committees. Clearly, recent media presence means that the ongoing efforts by UUP to improve the terms and conditions of employment for members in contingent positions are becoming more visible, including the efforts of Jamie Dangler, who was quoted in the Cortland Standard article and who is UUP’s Vice President for Academics. I am proud of the fact that UUP has made equity for contingent members, especially those employed in adjunct positions, a priority in its agenda and its public relations.”

It would be great to see more of these kinds of PSAs on national TV, revealing the truth about adjunct working conditions. Can I get a witness?


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