Update from Northeastern Illinois University:

Some of you may wonder what in the world happened to Take Back NEIU?  It’s been a long quiet semester and the atmosphere has been more like a circus than a university. Gone are the protests, the petitions, the sign making parties. Instead we have groups of school children playing scavenger hunts interrupting classes to identify sites on their maps. I guess if Northeastern can’t be a university at least it can be a field trip destination. Instead of eating in peace in the cafeteria we have loud music, comedians, dancing and karaoke contests. The college newspaper “The Independent” looks more like a glossy brochure written by the PR department of an advertising agency. Every department has been taken over by Academic Affairs: Public Relations, Student Activities, and now even the union appear to be aligned with the current administration. The provost is a special guest invited to the end of the semester Holiday Party and will be delivering a speech in an effort to save the MAP grants that Governor Rauner is threatening to destroy.  Meanwhile the new dorm is almost finished and gleams in the sun filled with luxury apartments.

Read more here.


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