Campus Equity Week–Forward, March!

cropped-CEW2015FAV-21It’s Friday, and we’re coming to the end of Campus Equity Week. That doesn’t mean it’s over though.  While many of us have different visions of how to achieve our goals and different timetables for planning and executing collective actions, we all agree that the only way forward is to keep the momentum going.  Campus Equity Week will continue as a Campaign for Campus Equity.

We plan to maintain the web site as a hub for information and ideas,  so keep posting events that you are planning. Whether upcoming events include walkouts or teach-ins, whether you are looking for ideas or sharing them — we hope the site will continue to be a catalyst as well as an archive for the movement.

Speaking of archives, the Center for the Study of Academic Labor will be a repository for CEW history. This will preserve the efforts and ideas of countless activists and allow us to continue thanking them even on days that aren’t Thursdays.

Here are some immediate suggestions for post-CEW actions:

  • If you haven’t taken the Back-to-School survey, do it now! It will only remain open til noon eastern time today.
  • Read about the four strategies on debt, data, FLSA, and unemployment put forward at the congressional briefing on Monday:   View the virtual packet and follow up with your elected representatives to let them know your stories and what you want them to do to transform the contingent academic employment system.  Send them a link to the packet to make sure they have the materials.  And then  let us know that you contacted them and what their response was!
  • You’ve made all those snarky, badass signs and leaflets; now use them for an informational picket at the next open house for your college. Tell prospective students what they’re getting into wherever they apply.  Or take the signs to the next Board of Trustees meeting.
  • Hold a screening of Professors in Poverty and ConJob: Stories of Adjunct and Contingent Labor for student activism groups on campus and start making partnerships with them. Other films to show include  Teachers on Wheels, Freeway FliersDegrees of Shame, and A Simple Matter of Justice. 
  • Hold a brown bag lunch for adjuncts and start organizing.
  • Join your union if you’ve got one, and get involved.

Come on in! The water’s fine! Things are heating up all over as #Badmin tries to dismantle the university to remake it in the unholy image of Big Business. Faculty are striking, professional organizations are awaking from their slumbers, students are shrugging off the shackles of their debt. The revolution is coming. Be a part of it.

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