Campus Equity Week–Wednesday Wear Red

ScarletA-icon-small…or a big fat Scarlet A to symbolize our pariah status on campus. Adjuncts are the red-head stepchildren, higher education’s shameful secret, the unholy spawn of business and education—whoa, okay, maybe that’s taking it a little too far. If so, though, not by much. But instead of skulking in the shadows as you to-and-fro, make yourself visible to your students, to administration (so they’ll get a very clear reminder of just how many of us there are), to your tenured colleagues. Make your campus a sea of red. Be bloody minded (not literally, please). We’re not academe’s Hester Prynne, we’re Margaret Mary Vojtko, Jason Martin, Danny Ledonne, Divya Nair, Dave Heller, and oh so many more. Ditch the shame. Adjunct and proud!


And don’t forget your daily dose of Doonesbury’s take on the Adjunct life.



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