COCAL Updates

Apologies for the lateness of the next three COCAL UPDATES postings. 

–Lee Kottner

by Joe Berry
joeberry@iCOCAL logo

COCAL is the Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor, a nearly 20-year-old network of contingent activists and their organizations that does a conference (now tri national – USA, CAN, MEX) every other year, usually in August. It also sponsors a listserv, called ADJ-L, and has an International Advisory Committee and a website and Facebook page.

Campus Equity Week October 26-30, 2015

Campus Equity Week
October 26-30, 2015


CAMPUS EQUITY WEEK 2015 – Hi Everyone, I just finished listening to the planning meeting on the upcoming Campus Equity Week 2015 (Oct. 26-30). I will see whether I might be able to give you a recording of this meeting soon. You can access information both on facebook and here.

Here is the link to the NFM “store” at an ethical vendor (EthixMerch) where anyone may order different button designs (at $1 each plus shipping and handling) for Campus Equity promotion.


1. More on the SLO debate (and other things related to the CCSF struggle).


1. Paraguay students protest Univ. president’s corruption and also protest that of rest of ed system, along with teachers.

2. Students protest and are attacked by police in Uruguay.

3. The agony of Mexican labor (especially teachers).


1. More on the elimination of a tenure-like system from State College of Florida.

2. More on Point Park U (PA) agreement.

3. Call for proposals for national CB in HE conference.

4. Vote on which film Brave New Films should make next. Vote for Professors in Poverty.

5. Alumna says Washington U (MO) should bargain higher wages for adjuncts.

6. If labor dies, what next?

7. The college president to adjunct pay ratio.

8. Rebuttal: Miami Herald article on adjuncts enjoying many rewards is a joke.

9. Disposable adjunct – adjunct saloon.

10. NLRB and contingent workers.

11. Quite contrary; inequality in pay among faculty (U TN student paper)

12. Cornell U grads vote union AFT (after having lost some years ago) and here.

13. Chicago City Council resolution to support private sector adjunct organizing.

14. U of MN faculty (TT and NTT) look to union vote (SEIU).

15. Possible discharge of student loans through bankruptcy.

16. How to start talking about race in your union.

17. The Corporate University, by AAUP Pres. Rudy Fichtenbaum.

18. UNA not hiring more adjuncts.

19. CSU (CA) strike vote looms.

20. Education reform whack-a-mole.

21. How to turn “on demand” jobs into good jobs from NELP, new report.

22. The big map of charter schools failure.

23. Philanthropy and public schools (is it bullshit?).

24. Bernie Sanders joins strike of federal contract low wage workers.

NOTE: As noted previously, your COCAL UPDATES editor (Joe Berry) and his spouse/partner/colleague Helena Worthen, are teaching labor studies in Viet Nam for the fall 2015 Semester.  Unions in Viet Nam are grappling with how to deal with the influx of foreign (capitalist) direct investment there and the need to build local unions that can effectively fight for workers in this new context.



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