Adjunct Algebra Quiz Answers:

Answers to Karen Roothan’s Algebra Quiz #1:

I can easily earn this amount of money pulling weeds without having to dress up or wear a bra. These figures may be too high for teachers who have to grade large amounts of written work, such as English Composition teachers. I would love to see figures from other schools as well. Let’s call them out on this big time and let our students know just where their tuition dollars are NOT going.

1a) 66 hrs b) 6 hrs c) 11 hrs d) 83 hrs, $20.48 per hour
2a) 33 hrs b) 55 hrs c) 88 + 83 = 171 hrs, $9.94 per hour
3a) 66 hrs b) 110 hrs c) 176 + 83 = 259 hrs, $6.56 per hr
4) Answers will vary

Note: these figures are based on East-West University in Chicago.


2 thoughts on “Adjunct Algebra Quiz Answers:

  1. So East-West University in Chicago (1) pays only half of the per-class adjunct rate of most US universities and (2) requires more than double the classroom hours of a typical single-quarter class that meets 3 times a week?

    Why would any adjunct want to teach at such a place? And why would any student want to attend it?


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