Activism: Trolling EDUStaff, LLC, an Education Temp Agency

If you thought you felt like a temp before, EDUStaff is here to make sure you never forget that’s exactly what you are. Originally offering “pre-screened and quality substitute and permanent candidates in all classifications to K-12 pubic and charter schools, EDUStaff is now screening higher education professors for a number of community colleges. Allegedly, “Colleges across the state are excited about the differences, opportunities, and cost savings that EDUStaff offers!”

But not everyone. The inimitable Herr Doktor Professor Robert Craig Baum, former Dean of Lebanon College, chats with the new education temp agency bots.

Preface: With all the DYI and third party sites, I thought it would be fun to troll the latest outsourcing nightmare, EDUStaff Group. Something tells me their Customer Service Bot Kelee won’t be replying anytime soon. –rcb


RCBTrolling4RCBTrolling5RCBTrolling6RCBTrolling7*Click* *Crickets*


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