NFM Works: Robin Sowards, NFM VP

NewFacultyMlogo copyOne of a series highlighting what our Officers and Board Members are up to when you’re not looking.USW_int-ltd_col_2in_R

Robin Sowards, Ph.D., NFM Vice President

RobinIn addition to being an adjunct lecturer who teaches English Composition and Linguistics at several Pittsburgh area universities, Robin is also a researcher and organizer for the United Steelworkers, who were chosen by adjuncts at Duquesne University to represent them in their fight for equity. In that capacity and as an NFM officer, Robin speaks to both academic and labor organizations across the country, on organizing adjuncts and unionism. As a member of the Modern Language Association, Robin has been among the many contingent faculty activists helping MLA  increase its attention to the crisis of contingency, along with NFM/F leaders Maria Maisto, Karen Madison, Anne Wiegard, Judy Olson, and Sue Doe.  Robin’s broad range of expertise as an academic, union member, researcher and organizer make him uniquely qualified to represent the interests of adjunct faculty and their students. We feel lucky to have him.

Upcoming: January 2016: “Contingent Faculty Mentoring for Democracy” MLA Annual Convention, Austin, TX.


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