Hall of Shame: Pearl River Community College “WalMart” Contract

That didn’t take long! We have our first entry for the Hall of Shame, Category: “Contracts” submitted by an anonymous adjunct (#1) from Pearl River Community College in Mississippi, via another anonymous adjunct (#2).  O, the layers of secrecy we are forced into. Anyway, we’ll let them do the heavy lifting.

WalSmart Logo-RCBAdjunct #2:

Adjunct friends, a faculty member at Pearl River Community College in Mississippi has informed me that a new page has been added to adjunct contracts this year and it is truly chilling. I hate the way that page was just slipped in as a sudden change without assent required from helpless faculty who lack job security in the first place—an effort to make an insecure job even *less* secure.

I have permission to share this with adjunct friends without attribution. It would be great if this could get into the public realm in some way…any suggestions are welcome and/or if you know someone who could help, feel free to pass this along…

Anonymous Adjunct #1’s comments about his new contract:
We have never had tenure, but we’ve worked each year with an agreement that if we followed the rules and procedures in place we you get a contract for the upcoming year. This year we got an additional page on our contract that nullifies our yearly contract. It makes me laugh because it makes me realize that I’m no more important than a Walmart worker to them. It also frees me to act like a Walmart worker. If I don’t like the new ebooks we are using this year and decide on Friday I want to quit, no problem. I can quit. … [Have] a good laugh over what’s happening to Southern hospitality at our school.


Pearl River Community College—New Page Added to Contracts This Year
Employment Letter

I, ____________________________ do hereby acknowledge and understand that neither (Employee Signature) this letter of employment nor the policy manual referenced in paragraph 2 above, create an express or implied contract of employment. I, ____________________________ do hereby acknowledge and understand that my (Employee Signature) employment is “at will” as defined by the laws and statutes of the State of Mississippi, and my employment with PRCC can be terminated by either me or PRCC at any time, for any reason, with or without notice. I, _________________________ do hereby acknowledge that I have read the Policy (Employee Signature) and Procedure Manual referenced in Paragraph 2 above, and understand that any changes made by PRCC with respect to its policies, procedures, or programs can supersede, modify or eliminate any of the policies, procedures or programs outlined in the Policy and Procedure Manual. Accepted employment on this the _____ day of ___________, 2015.

_______________________________________________ Employee Signature ________________________________________________ Date Signed
Approved by:_____________________________________ Roger Knight, Vice President for Business and                                                                                                                     Administrative Services

(And just in case you’d like to meme this, click image to open and enlarge and download)

Pearl River Community College--Hall of Shame


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