NFM Works: Marisa Allison Wins ASA’s Robert Dentler Award

Marisa Allison

Marisa Allison

We’re proud to announce that our own Marisa Allison has won the American Sociological Association’s Robert Dentler Award for Outstanding Student Achievement in public sociology. This award honors dedication and exceptional academic/activist work, and she was honored for her ongoing work on contingent faculty issues. This award is a recognition of her commitment to applied sociology for the “betterment of the human condition.”

Marisa first joined New Faculty Majority in 2012 as a volunteer, and later became an official staff member of the NFM Foundation Research Department, helping us with surveys and reports, responding to researchers interested in our work, and helping activists on campuses to design and administer surveys of their adjunct colleagues. She has been instrumental in conceiving and developing our Women and Contingency Project, which focuses on the particular ramifications for women students and faculty of the contingent academic employment system.

Marisa’s work with NFM has both informed and been informed by her project at George Mason University helping to design and implement one of the most comprehensive studies ever produce of adjunct faculty working conditions on a single campus, “Indispensable But Invisible.” She has been uniquely qualified to lead this effort. She has a broad comprehension of the national and international scope of contingent employment in and outside of academia, and has expertly connected her work to this context.

We’re pleased and excited about Marisa’s award, and proud that she’s part of our organization. Congratulations, Marisa!

-Maria Maisto


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