NEA Win for NFM

News Flash–Judy Olson reports from Orlando, where the NEA Representative Assembly is wrapping up tonight, that New Business Item (NBI) #28 was passed earlier today, allocating a $10,000 contribution to NFM’s national coordination of the 2015 Campus Equity Week campaign.  The NBI also encourages the statewide locals to make individual contributions of $1,000.  NFM was endorsed as the national CEW coordinator at COCAL 2014 in NYC with the understanding that the major unions would make significant  financial and staff contributions to the campaign.  More announcements about plans for CEW 2015 will be forthcoming shortly.

NFM thanks everyone involved in drafting and gaining support for this NBI, most especially Judy and Beverly Stewart, who led the efforts of the Contingent Faculty Caucus, as well as Theresa Montaño. Other leaders of the larger higher education locals deserve our thanks, too.

–Anne Wiegard


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