COCAL Updates

It’s been a busy summer already. Here’s more from COCAL.


by Joe Berry

COCAL logo smallCOCAL is the Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor, a nearly 20 year old network of contingent activists and their organizations that does a conference (now tri national – USA, CAN, MEX) every other year, usually in August. It also sponsors a listserv, called ADJ-L, and has an International Advisory Committee and a website and Facebook page. See below for details on the listserv and the 2016 conference in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

1. ACCJC appeal denied, CFT suit continues.

2. College accreditation agency is unfair, rife with conflicts.


1. Congrats to Kaplan Teachers in Toronto, on strike for weeks.

1. Please comment on this article: As adjuncts unionize college costs could rise.

2. St Xavier U (Chicago) is appealing the NLRB decision as did Duquesne.

Dear Colleagues:

I went on the NLRB website and SXU is appealing the decision, as did Duquesne!


3. First union of non-medical interns in the US (at AFT headquarters).

4. Rachel Donezal and the de-professionalized university.

5. Lessons from the Justice for Janitors campaign 25 years later.

6. National Center for the Study of CB in HE and Prof monthly E-Note for June (includes news of new organizing and NLRB proceedings regarding adjunct union drives in religious schools).

7. Adjunct Activist blog.

8. Tenure apocalypse.

9. Skyrocketing tuition isn’t going to teachers (most of whom are adjuncts).

10. Adjuncts professors (MA) press for more FT jobs.

11. Faculty Chairs vote to unionize at MW MI Col. (becoming what may well be only the second chairs union in the USA, after the Dept Chair’s Council at City College of SF).

12. U RI adjuncts protest hostile conditions and poor pay.

13. AZ St U writing profs (contingent) fight more work for less pay.

14. Food stamps and a PhD too, adjuncts….

15. Faculty decry adjunct conditions at MA stater leg hearing.

16. American Prospect article on us, quoting many contain gent activists and leaders

17. AZ State U teaching as luxury.

18. New NLRB rule spurs union organization.

19. CUNY, SUNY tuning increase headed for governor’s desk.

20. Adjunct prof’s “remember Haymarketemail taken as violent threat at Chicago area community college.

21. Sign petition for first contract for Hamline College faculty (NY) SEIU

22. In case you missed this before:
A new project by Brandon Coates Williams.
Adjunct Across America

Adjunct Across America is a cross-country campaign designed to raise awareness about the adjunctific…

23. Uber drivers ruled employees (not 1099 contractors) by CA labor commission.

24. NLRB rules that part-time supervisor’s support for adjunct union in election did not taint election (Laguna College of Art and Design, LA, CA) SEIU.

25. Adjunct professors fight for Faculty Forward (NC).

26. More on Sens. Durbin and Franken bill to give student loan forgiveness to adjuncts.

27. SEIU withdraws petition for vote at Cal Arts in LA.


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