COCAL Updates

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1. Australian contingent faculty news roundup.

2. Nurses, professors and others on strike in Iceland.

3. For-profits in Brazil.


1. LA Homecare workers (all contingent) fight for $15.

2. A very good blog post by one of our most advanced-thinking colleagues, Marnie Webster of CA (strongly recommended).

3. Rethinking working class youth and resistance.

4. Uberization and its discontents.

5. Adjunct retirement survey (people might also want to look at the bargaining for retirement for contingent faculty section of the bargaining guide AAUP’s Mike Maurer and many others did, on their website).

6. Support AFT nurses at U of VT med center in fight for fair contract.

7. Cardinal Newman Society attacks NLRB decision in favor of Duquesne adjunct union.

8. Individual adjuncts may be allowed to teach more in TX.

9. Barnard (NYC) contingents file for union (UAW).

10. Senators Durbin and Franken introduce bill to allow student loan forgiveness for adjuncts and there are a large number of student loan bills floating around. Here’s a kind of “master page” list of them.

11. TIAA study on adjuncts and retirement, quotes our colleagues Keith Hoeller (WA) and Anne McLeer (NFM Boad and SEIU 500 in DC).

12. More on San Francisco teachers election.

13. Controversial Spokane, WA NAACP President is also adjunct instructor and E WA U now says she is not a “professor.

14. Fraud at the heart of education reform.

15. A very useful talk by Bill Fletcher on the lessons of history for the movement (very much including us) [Fletcher is a former adjunct, former AFL-CIO Education Director and currently the Field Director of Amer. Fed of Gov Employees. He also has a long history in the Black movement.]

16. Some excellent thoughts on leadership of movements that are very relevant to us.

17. DePaul (Chicago) faculty council discusses adjunct conditions.

18. U of TX, Rio Grande Valley, recruiting like mad for faculty, debate over adjuncts.

19. No tuition hikes, but there will be pay raises at E FL U. [Could this be the result of organizing in FL?]

20. Florida adjuncts and health care.

21. Letter to Editor: Duquesne U (Pittsburgh) is wielding religious institution status like a club against adjuncts.

22. Our sister contingent workers network, National Day Labor Organizing Network (NDLON), asking for help with petition regarding injured immigrant workers attempting to see Obama.

23. The problem with tenure isn’t tenure.

NOTE: As some recipients of COCAL UPDATES already know, my spouse, partner and fellow contingent activist, Helena Worthen, and myself will be going to teach labor education/labor studies in Viet Nam at Ton Duc Thang University, School of Labor Relations and Trade Unions, in Ho Chi Minh City (old Saigon) for the fall semester, 2015, and will probably return about January or February, 2016. If you want to follow our progress in this exciting endeavor, Helena is already doing a blog to which I will occasionally contribute and comment. Helena requests that people comment as much as possible directly on the blog and also sign up to follow it.


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